Truck diagnostics

Unexpected truck breakdown may violate the agreements on the delivery of goods and products, which may result in loss of profit and business reputation. In order to avoid such incidents in the future, it is necessary to check for faults in advance. It is not always possible to call at a service centre and conduct accurate and high-quality diagnostics of your truck.

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We have the latest diagnostic equipment at our disposal, which allows to identify the causes of breakdowns and malfunctions without large material costs and loss of your precious time.

Advantages of truck diagnostics

Our company’s benefit is a 24/7 provision of a full set of diagnostic tools for the timely detection of any truck troubles and breakdowns.

The company carries our high-quality and precise truck diagnostics of the following brands: MAN, Iveco, Scania, Mercedes, etc.

Therefore, cargo vehicles diagnostics are performed accurately and promptly, the company’s employees will provide you with the entire list of malfunctions and a detailed plan for troubleshooting.

High-quality truck diagnostics carried out by our highly professional employees boast of affordable price due to possibility to reduce costs and not to raise tariffs for their coverage, as well as to provide cash and non-cash payments. Such advantages are very useful in cooperation with large and small companies. Detailed planning and quality work of all company departments ensure our smooth operation.

We conduct truck diagnostics in quick and efficient way

All applications for diagnostics are registered in a prompt manner due to availability of all necessary technical equipment. Accurate truck diagnostics are absolutely necessary if you want to buy or sell a truck. They are affordable and acceptable in terms of price, quality, and timeframe. Company experts carry out thorough and accurate diagnostics of trucks for sale or purchase using high-tech equipment. This service will allow to figure out all the flaws of a truck you want to buy and to determine whether it is worth buying. In addition, comprehensive information about the technical condition of your truck, both from foreign and domestic producer, is available for a small payment.

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We have been cooperating with Transcomgroup LLC for 3 years. Our agricultural company regularly orders services in specialised machinery delivery, we appreciate quick company operation, managers promptly register applications, and they are always customer-oriented.

Oleksandr Lozovyi
Senior Manager, Kolos Agrogroup LLC