Refrigerated cargo transportation

Refrigerated cargo transportation is a special type of cargo transportation with the necessary temperature and time regime observed. This service is relevant for the delivery of perishable food products, medicines, flowers, and cosmetic products.

Transcomgroup LLC carries out refrigerated cargo transportation in Ukraine, as well as in the  European Union countries. We perform highest quality services and guarantee on-time delivery. Transcomgroup LLC is a member of the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine (AsMAP UA).

Our company’s fleet boasts world-renowned Schmitz thermo-king refrigerators. This transport allows for safe transportation of both fresh and frozen products.

Specific features of refrigerated cargo transportation

Specific feature of perishable cargo transportation is compliance with the delivery time and maintenance of the required temperature and humidity conditions. Our refrigerators are capable of maintaining the temperature in the range from  -18˚С to +20˚С.

Agricultural products are to undergo a sanitary inspection before shipment. Delivery of meat products and fish can be effected both in containers and without them. Transportation of dairy products is carried out in special packaging provided by the manufacturer.

Transcomgroup LLC refrigerated cargo transportation

If you are looking for a reliable contractor for the refrigerated delivery of goods, we will be happy to help you. Our professional logistic experts will make the best route. We guarantee efficiency and compliance with all standards and rules in transportation of perishable products.

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We have been cooperating with Transcomgroup LLC for 3 years. Our agricultural company regularly orders services in specialised machinery delivery, we appreciate quick company operation, managers promptly register applications, and they are always customer-oriented.

Oleksandr Lozovyi
Senior Manager, Kolos Agrogroup LLC